More Musical Things
Windsong Dreaming
INSPIRE School for Autism, Brattleboro, VT. The "totem" poles each have a wind tube on top that produces a musical note when the wind blows, each pole with its own note, and an organ pipe inside that is activated by jumping on a pneumatic pad. The poles are capped by a totem figure designed by the students that represent their hopes, dreams and aspirations which  set sail across the countryside as music when the wind blows 
Puffball Organ
Played by pushing on the colored rubber hemispheres
Tired Barrel Organ
Made for Minnesota Children's Museum "Trash Bash" exhibit using all recycled materials. Played by pushing on the circular "bellows" (recycled wheelchair tires) to produce organ notes
Musical Recycle Bin
Commissioned by the Town of Brattleboro VT, pushing down on the small sun symbol disks produces a flute note. each disk plays a different note. Made from recycled materials